Monday, January 25, 2016

Experiment #1 with episodic short stories

One mile was the approximate distance between Terry and Dave's house. On average, it tool Terry about 13 minutes to reach Dave's house and 12 minutes for Dave to reach Terry's. At full speed, Dave's best speed was 10:23. Terry's best time at the same activity was 11:07. it was nice having a friend who was within walking distance. All the nights of sneaking out and having childhood adventures were eventually replaced by after school video game tournaments and teenage tomfoolery. Never before has Terry dreaded waling to his best friend's home, but, as they say, there's a first for everything. the constant 13 minute walk time shrunk in a flash of adrenaline filled anxiety. It elongated with every tepid step filled with the agonizing wait between shoe rise and shoe fall. As each movement compressed the time between each heart stopping thud calling out their rapid progression towards the destination, LA rush hour traffic moved faster than the time. For once Terry didn't want to be best friends with Dave. He'd rather stop. He wished he never met his childhood comrade and partner in crime. Then he wouldn't have to be walking. For once, he regretted forming a bond closer than brotherhood with someone else thus forcing him to practice one of the duties required of this bond. Dave would be crushed. Terry couldn't think about how what he was about to do would only hurt Dave more, as if he didn't already have enough, now Terry had to take all his pain, all his hatred, and all his angst and shove it down his throat all over again. Dave might hate him for it too. Jerry checked his watch; Walking Time- 13:00. Perfect. Jerry reached out and knocked.