Monday, March 28, 2016

Experiments with Journaling #1: The Pro's of Shnarffle Berries

Hello my cheering crowd of writing desperate readers! Today, I will not be shoving class work down your throats, instead, it will be on something personal that happened out of no where. That my loyal readers, would be the Shnarffle Berry. No, you have never heard of it, no you cannot find it on Google, and no, it's not supposed to make sense. It's supposed to be weird, random, and nonsensical. Why? Because my friend made it up, that's why. If this answer makes no sense, that's because friendship makes sense. Quoting tumblr, friendship is weird. You find some random other humans around you, think "yes I like these ones", and spend all of your time with them. End tumblr paraphrase. In spending time with them you create a bond that cannot be measure but a bond that you can tell grows stronger or weaker over time. You tell stories with the intention of sharing and not impressing or with the intention of impressing only to be brought down from your high horse with a smile one your face. And you tell jokes that start out tame and clever that slowly become bazaar and almost idiotic. Thus, Shnarffle Berries...and the great food wars, and peach, and special snowflake, and Wisconsin, and "the bear", and all the thousand other inside jokes that would make an ever expanding list. I suppose I am trying to make Shnarffle Berries slang for inside jokes in this sense. A euphemism for strange jokes that ,without context, make no sense. These jokes that are only available to friends that first experienced them. Even other friends couldn't make the same joke because "they just had to be there" for it to make sense. These jokes also make friendships as much as they maintain them. Everyone says that making friends is just about finding people with similar interest and hanging out with them and is said about every kind of human connection, but inside jokes are a great way to actually make new friends. Instead of waiting to find a similar interest or a joke you can both laugh at, you make one. They can't be staged, they can't be forced, they simply happen. This authenticity makes all the difference in a friendship because it's authenticity we crave for in a relationship. We all want something "real" in any kind of relationship and friendships are no different. An inside joke is real. It happened without meaning to. It's something that can laughed at in the future and is seen as a highlight of a relationship. "Shnarffle Berries" is just one of my inside jokes that I share with my friend and one I'd pick again and again.