Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Experiments with Science Fiction #1

Oh boy, my longest hiatus left. Almost an entire summer! (And Fall) however, I have finally found something more to talk about. Well, more like a story idea. The idea goes that information technology has been perfected. All the data gathered is then sent to one massive super computer that analyzes the data to find patterns in people's behaviors. The super computer, in my idea, is able to predict with a near 100% accuracy the actions of any human being that is connected with the network. The effects of the super computer would be that every PC, smart phone, street camera, database, or any device that can connect to the internet will send data to the super computer, not because it is required by law, but because it is beneficial to the population if they send their data. A side effect or a cause of the super computer is that any one can access their personal computer from anywhere because everything they own is saved and recorded in cyber space or what w would call cloud services. Accessibility to computers is no longer determined by your personal budget but only by the distance of the nearest one and how quickly you can make a personal account. Here is where the logistics can get a little complicated. Following our modern standards, accounts would have membership levels. Free accounts provide all the typical useability like access to word editors and internet browsers, but more expensive applications and disk space would be available only for higher paying users. heres where it gets blurred for me. The subscription could go to the organization that maintains the super computer and its network which would allow users to access the same amount of disk space and provide access to the same applications anywhere but would also make public computers available at public spaces (like airports or community centers) a poor investment for business owners who would have no monetary reason to provide public computers. Personal computers would continue to dominate which I want to try and eliminate that. Personal computer, after all, can often become leaves or single connection nodes in the network web that can be closed off to the super computer or at least hide data. Instead, I want access points. Everyone logs into the supercomputer's network through access points which have replaced personal computers. The difference between access points and personal computers is that access points would not have any disk space of their own, only a built in OS that may access the supercomputer's network. The network would then, in turn, provide the user with applications and their stored data by downloading any necessary files to the access points RAM. This system would eliminate private storage and allow everything to be accessed by the supercomputer. (Note: I plan on replacing the term "super computer" to an anagram that describes an interdependent conglomeration of networks, mass data storage dumps, pattern finding AI's, and public interfaces) full access would enable the supercomputer's omnipotent capabilities. Let me go more in detail with that aspect as I have woefully ignored this main point. The purpose of the supercomputer is primarily to determine the benefits and disadvantages of any decision it is presented by analyzing similar or exact examples from its data dumps, comparing the context, descision, and results of each example, compare the findings to the posed dilemma, and return an output of "yes, do it" or "no, don't do it." the data the supercomputer would sift through would be anything remotely involved in the situation. Say some one asks if they should have a piece of candy at 12:00 exactly. Most would say there is no harm in one piece of candy. However, the supercomputer would do a full analysis of the situation. For example, what bodily harm may come from it? What can happen that can harm you while you're eating it? Will you be walking while eating it? Where will you be walking? If across a street, are there cars that can hit you? Will you notice in time? Can this be avoided by not eating the candy? What about medical harm? What's your medical history? Family medical history? Do you have an addictive personality? Will this piece lead to an addictive personality? Chances of heart attack resulting from the candy? Chance of heart attack that are assisted by the candy but are caused by external factors? Etc etc etc etc. in other words, it can see through the butterfly effect. Using the past data it has accumulated, it is able to determine the rhyme and reasons to anything and everything. This concept is heavily used in a movie called Mr. Nobody in this quote, "I lost the phone number on the card because it got destroyed walking home in the rain. The reason why it was raining was because a Brazilian was boiling an egg. The steam from boiling the egg created a microclimate in his home which expanded and strengthened, traveling north where it had developed into a storm cloud and rained. However, it is still my fault because the Brazilian was unemployed. They were boiling the egg that day because they had no job to go to. They had no job to go to because he was fired from a jean manufacturing plant after they laid off many of their workers. They were laid off because the company was going under. They were going under because not enough people found interest in their jeans. The interest was low because I never bought a pair. I instead bought a cheaper pair which I would have done regardless of the dollar amount in my pocket. Because I didn't buy a pair, a few people did not see the brand and did not in turn buy a pair themselves. Less people then saw the brand, less people bought the brand, and so less people held value in the brand and less people bought the brand." This is the model I'd like to follow. The super computer is able to find every result to any decision, no matter how small. Granted, there will be a limit. The supercomputer will not go on forever, but it will be able to predict the results of everything. Consequently, it also becomes a tool for law enforcement who are notified in advance of potential law breakers, doctors of potential health risks in patients, government in planning their policies, judicial hearings to determine the punishment and present evidence, and common citizens that have trouble deciding in encoding their day to day lives. I must end it here's, however, as this post has gone on long enough. I hope to further develop this later.