Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Class Work: My Research Question

My Topic: Should softer mattresses be provided to Lewis University students?

Why this topic for discovery? - I liked this topic because it is very relevant to me and incredibly local (oh no! now you know where I am!) I figured that I could find a lot of sources on why it matters, inside information from the school, and information in general. Its also very relevant to me because I'm starting to have back pains from our incredibly stiff mattresses

What question do you want to answer? - If softer mattresses will ever be provided, should they be provided, and what would the greater outcomes be?

Why this question? - Because my question has three parts, I feel like it encompasses everything that I want answered and will provide me with plenty to answer as it covers the can we, should we, and will we.

What do you need to learn in order to answer that question? - I need to learn the actual health benefits/problems that come with certain mattresses. Hard vs soft spring mattresses, memory foam, and hybrids.

What kinds of experts do you need to read from? - I need to read from a lot of skeletal experts and physical therapists. I might have to dabble in the work of neurologists on sleep as well. I'd also have to find some information on the budgeting of Lewis University because the money for the mattresses have to come from somewhere. Also, an interview from some one from the Resident Life office or any information from the office would be needed to figure out the logistics of acquiring mattresses.

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