Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Class Work: What do I love to do?

What do I love to do?
What do you want to do?
What will you do to reinforce that tomorrow?

I could go on for days about all the things I love to do because there's a lot that I enjoy doing. From music to video games, I could spend a life time on all of them. But, most of them I understand to be hobbies. I loved playing clarinet in high school but I never had the drive to be the best clarinet player in the world. Just good enough to get the solo. With acting, I want to get better and better at every scene and with every turn, I'm always looking for something to do better, but I can see a happy life where I never act again. With computers and programming, I get it, its like second nature to me. Every work and every character makes art on a screen and how good code flows into itself without draw backs or cut offs, but to sit in front of a computer all day hassling over the crap code that just doesn't want to work and hear everyone who doesn't know how to do something and asks everyone else around them to help them, I wouldn't last a day. Then video games. I love playing any game i can get my hands on but only once because after that its gets boring. It becomes static and worthless. two things that i know I will never stop doing though is 1: telling stories and 2: dealing with social drama. I love telling a rich story with intrigue and new surprises. I love getting any story I can if its well told. I love going up to someone and reminiscing about old times but not enough to make a career. With social drama, I couldn't tell you why. when a friend has a problem in their lives and they come to me for advice or just to vent, I get excited. I'm hearing about their problematic lives, figuring out ways to help them uncoil the mess they have, to cut the strings that hold them or bring them back from rock bottom. The idea is beyond fascinating, it's the one thing I'm really truly passionate about. I hate the idea of being a therapist though. Learning every little detail about the human condition and listening to heart wrenching problems from people who are paying me to listen. no thank you.

What do I want to do? I want to write stories. I want to touch peoples hearts with a good story in the theaters, on a page, or by voice. I want to change peoples lives by spreading my ideas in print or video games. if i could tell stores for a living, I's happily do so

What will I do to reinforce this tomorrow? I already have. It's even on my blog. under "Experiments with mythology" and "Experiments with short stories" i'm creating the backgrounds and practicing plots for writing a novel. when or if I will finish, I don't know.

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