Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Experiments with Mythology #2: The Hierarchy/Family Tree

in the last experiment with mythology, I presented my desire to create a mythology with inspirations from other mythologies. One inspiration I took was that of a hierarchy amongst the gods or a family tree. To begin, no gods will be born or conceived but made. Not all supernatural deities are gods, some will be spirits, others will be representatives, and some will just be mortals given immortality from natural death. The "family tree" in this case would be the relationships between creator and created and while some deities will be made from multiple creators, this is meant to show a joint effort in the creation of these deities. With that disclaimer out of the way, I'd like to present to you my current supernatural family tree:

                 Humans<-------------------Elder god--------------------------------------------|
                                                                 |                                                                  |
                                                    |-------------------------------|                                  Possession 
                                          Day                                 Night                                        |
                                                   |                                         |                                    The Great
                                          |----------|                          |----------|                                  Wolf
                                  God   Goddess                  God  Goddess                                |
                                    \/             \/                        \/            \/                                    |
                                      \-----------------------------------------/                                    \/
                                                                      |------------------------------|                  Eternal
                                                             4 Winds                       Hunter/Huntress-->Hunt
                                         |                                        |
              -----------------------------------------             |
              |                   |                 |                |             |
            North         South         East         West          |
                  |                   |                 |                |             |    
     Opportunity      Risk          Past         Future        |
                                                                                   of Man to Gods

While I'm open to including more to this hierarchy, this is I expect to be the final family tree for the mythology. Notice that only 11 deities are depicted. The tags that are underlines are descriptors and not individual deities. For example, there's no deity called Day that made a god and goddess but an elder god that made a god and goddess of day and also for night. these tags will be explained further in later "Experiments with Mythology." I plan on explaining each of the deities in groups going down the hierarchy starting with the elder god. Also, the list of deities I intend on keeping small. This is for ease of writing so that I don't run in to contradiction with more intricate mythologies. Many ancient mythologies have been around for millennium and thus have most of their deities and concepts worked out. I obviously don't have this kind of freedom and must do with a smaller range of deities. This will also be easier for readers since it will not require much background. For example, the Percy Jackson Series by Rick Roidan, he has a huge range of stories and characters to support his demi-god heroes and has all the fluidity that comes with it. I still expect to have plenty to work with since these deities will have very vague dominions and powers. Overall, I'm very pleased with this family tree and will go into detail each of them (except for humans) in later blog posts.

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